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Financial Policy

Containing the costs of healthcare has been a subject of great interest to all of us for a long time.  We, too, are interested in containing costs so that your child can receive quality, individualized dental care.  Experts in the field of management have helped us learn new and better ways to serve our patients while remaining constant in our commitment to excellent dental care.  They have taught us that offering a series of financial options to our patients makes the financing of their dental care more comfortable.  Also, by offering these financial options it helps us to maintain reasonable fees.


These options offer you numerous ways to handle the financial responsibility of your child’s dental care.  We believe these options will prove to be a service to you and to your child:

  1. Cash and Check

  2. 5 % Cash Discount if you pay in full for services in advance of treatment.

  3. Master Card and Visa

  4. Dental Insurance on assignment (We will file your insurance claim as a courtesy to you and will do our very best to help maximize your benefits.  We do require that you pay your estimated portion at time of service.) 

  5. Care Credit - For a long- term or extended payments we offer Care Credit.  (This is a financing program for dentistry that lets you make small monthly payments spreading those payments out over a desired period of time.)


These financial options will meet the needs of most families in our practice.  We want to be flexible in changing times, so we will do our very best to work out a financial solution to your particular situation.  


Remember that we are here to help you.

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